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"Building a Better Future Together: Your Trusted Partner for Construction Projects Across the USA"

Bonding Capacity

$500,000 Aggregate

$150,000 Single Contract

Netwerk Inc.

SAM Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): KNTGVYVSSGN8

Dunn & Bradstreet: 11-730-5400

CAGE Code: 9JMD6

Federal TIN/EIN: 83-3527267

Netwerk Inc. is capable of performing work under the following NAICS codes:

236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
236116 - New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
236117 - New Housing For-Sale Builders
236118 - Residential Remodelers
236210 - Industrial Building Construction
236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
237120 - Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
237130 - Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
237210 - Land Subdivision
237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

238110 - Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
238120 - Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
238130 - Framing Contractors
238140 - Masonry Contractors
238150 - Glass and Glazing Contractors

238160 - Roofing Contractors
238170 - Siding Contractors
238190 - Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
238290 - Other Building Equipment Contractors
238310 - Drywall and Insulation Contractors
238320 - Painting and Wall Covering Contractors
238330 - Flooring Contractors
238340 - Tile and Terrazzo Contractors
238350 - Finish Carpentry Contractors
238390 - Other Building Finishing Contractors
238910 - Site Preparation Contractors
238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
624230 - Emergency and Other Relief Services

"At Netwerk Inc, our mission is to provide exceptional federal contracting services, delivering reliable and innovative solutions that contribute to the success and mission fulfillment of our government clients. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, integrity, and collaboration, we leverage our expertise and resources to consistently exceed expectations, foster sustainable partnerships, and drive positive change in the public sector. Through our unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and adherence to regulatory requirements, we aim to be the trusted partner of choice for federal agencies, empowering them to achieve their objectives and make a meaningful impact on the communities they serve."

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